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The meeting of Rohingya Student Network for Covid-19 response plan.

2st Project

Covid-19 response plan

The outbreak of Covid-19 and the news about the death of a huge number of people everyday, Rohingya people in this overcrowded refugee camps get in extreme panic. As a network of students working to bring positive changes for Rohingya people, we accept the situation as emergency time for all. Thus, we decided to implement this Covid-19 response plan.

Project Name: Covid-19 response plan

Date: March 2020

Project Period: Pandemic period  (March 2020 to onward)

Objective: Disseminating Covid-19 precaution and prevention awareness widely among Rohingya people in every possible way using technologies and meeting people in person by maintaining social distance.

Resource support: 12,000+ BDT (Anonymous) + 100 facemasks (IOM Bangladesh).

To achieve our set objective of the project, we trained 41 members of RSN with enough knowledge about Covid-19.

The training to the members of Rohingya Student Network for Covid-19 response plan.

We developed our own messages, audios, videos, and flyers with our own language according to the guidelines of WHO.

The financial support we received was used to buy more facemasks, hand sanitizers, and print the flyers.

We used WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms to spread our messages across the camp.

Despite the time being challenging for everyone, the trained members of RSN voluntarily went around the camps to raise awareness about Covid-19. They used audios, videos, and flyers, the developed materials of RSN, to make people understand how to stay safe and get no panic.

Because of the financial challenge and the time itself being challenging, RSN was able to reach only in Camp 14, 15, and 16.

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