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Celebrating 15 Change Agents of Rohingya Student Network (RSN)

As we near the close of this year, we are thrilled to share a significant milestone at RSN (Rohingya Student Network). Over the past six months, we've dedicated our efforts to training 15 remarkable Rohingya change agents. Their journey is one of resilience, empowerment, and the promise of positive transformation.

RCBP’s participants of Rohingya Student Network

These 15 individuals have undergone an intensive training program, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to be catalysts for change within our communities. Their stories are not just narratives of personal growth but reflections of the collective strength and potential within the Rohingya community.

Stay tuned as we delve into the enriching learning experiences these change agents have encountered. To stay in the loop and be part of our journey, sign up on our website at Receive regular updates on the progress of our change agents, learn about upcoming opportunities, and be a part of a community dedicated to fostering positive change.

As we reflect on the past year, we celebrate not only the accomplishments of these 15 individuals but also the ripple effect of change they are creating. Join us in this journey of empowerment, education, and the pursuit of a brighter future for the Rohingya community.

Empowerment begins with education, and at RSN, we are proud to be a part of a movement that fosters change from within. Together, let's build a future where every individual has the tools and opportunities to create a positive impact.

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