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RSN's statement on Myanmar independence day 2020

Today (January 4, 2020) is the 72nd Myanmar Independence Day. On this auspicious day, we, the RSN demand the ethnics solidarity in Myanmar. We, Rohingya were born in Myanmar. We are Burmese. We belong to Myanmar. Our forefathers have fought for independence in Myanmar. We have fought against facist Japanese. Thus, we belong to celebrate this independence today in our homeland with safety .

Today, over 1 million Rohingya are in refugee camps, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. The national spirit always runs through our veins despite we have been surviving here in refugee camps.

Today, we are very saddened having to celebrate this Independence Day in refugee camps. Though, Myanmar got its independence on January 4, 1948. But the ethnic minorities in Myanmar are not independent yet. Myanmar’s minorities are displaced around several neighbouring borders. There are the civil wars ongoing. Moreover, we, the Rohingya have been facing the genocide. All minorities and majorities in Myanmar belong to this Independence Day. Let us all celebrate the next Independence Day together in homeland with safety for lives.

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