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RSN Welcomes France's Intervention in Rohingya Genocide Case and Urges Global Support


Welcoming France's Intervention in Rohingya Genocide Case, Urging Global Support

Date: September 12, 2023

The Rohingya Students Network (RSN) is pleased to extend its heartfelt appreciation and support for France's recent decision to intervene in the Rohingya genocide case before the International Court of Justice, in alignment with international efforts to ensure justice and accountability for the Rohingya people.

The joint statement issued by French President Emmanuel Macron and Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in Dhaka serves as a beacon of hope for the Rohingya people and all those who have tirelessly worked to shed light on the horrific events that transpired in Myanmar. France's pledge to support international efforts to ensure justice underscores the importance of addressing the Rohingya crisis on a global scale.

We commend the French government for taking this courageous stance and standing in solidarity with the Rohingya community. As an organization dedicated to the rights and well-being of Rohingya refugees and students, RSN looks forward to closely seeing the progress of this intervention. We hope that it will contribute to a fair and just resolution of the Rohingya crisis, ensuring that the survivors receive the justice and recognition they deserve.

We urge other nations, particularly those with the means and influence to do so, to follow France's lead and join this critical cause. The Rohingya crisis is not a regional issue; it is a global humanitarian concern that demands a unified response. By intervening in the case, countries can reaffirm their dedication to upholding human rights and preventing impunity for grave crimes against humanity.

RSN calls upon governments worldwide to consider the moral and legal imperative of supporting the Rohingya cause at the International Court of Justice. Together, we can work towards justice, accountability, and a more secure future for the Rohingya people, who have endured unimaginable suffering for far too long.

Let us unite in the pursuit of justice and stand by the Rohingya community in their journey towards a brighter and more hopeful future.

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