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RSN wishes Shab E Barat Mubarak

Date: March 07, 2023

On this significant event of Shab E Barat, we, the Rohingya Student Network, express our sincere hopes and prayers for all our fellow Rohingya people worldwide.

We are currently facing difficult times, where our community is undergoing intolerable persecution and discrimination. The crisis of Rohingya people in Myanmar remains one of the utmost pressing human rights concerns of our time.

The world has seen the heinous atrocities and violence committed against our people, such as mass killings, rape, and forced displacement, and it is our responsibility to continue raising awareness and advocating for our rights.

We call on the international community to maintain pressure on the Myanmar government to act immediately to halt the violence against Rohingya people and provide justice for the victims. Furthermore, we implore the global community to continue providing humanitarian assistance and aid to Rohingya refugees who have sought refuge in neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

We pray that Allah (SWT) alleviates the suffering of our Rohingya brothers and sisters and endows them with strength and determination in these challenging times. We ask for peace and justice in Myanmar and the cessation of the persecution of Rohingya people.

May this holy night of Shab E Barat bring us blessings, forgiveness, and mercy. We pray that Allah (SWT) gives us the courage and tenacity to continue fighting for our rights and the rights of all oppressed communities worldwide.

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