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New Year Message from Rohingya Student Network -RSN

As the clock ticks down on another year, the Rohingya Students Network (RSN) pauses to reflect on the challenges and triumphs of the past and cast our gaze forward with renewed determination. In the spirit of the new year, we extends our heartfelt gratitude to the numerous individuals, groups, organizations, and states that have made positive contributions to addressing the ongoing crisis faced by the Rohingya community.

As we venture into the new year, it is imperative to acknowledge the persisting challenges that demand our attention in 2024. Three critical issues loom large on the horizon, each requiring collective efforts and unwavering commitment.

1. The 2nd Wave of Genocide against Rohingya: Tragically, the Rohingya population continues to face the threat of genocide. As we reflect on the past, it becomes clear that urgent action is needed to prevent the recurrence of such heinous acts.

2. Human Trafficking: The scourge of human trafficking remains a pressing concern within the Rohingya community. RSN recognizes the need for a comprehensive approach to tackle this issue head-on.

3. Violence in the Camp: The living conditions within Rohingya refugee camps have been marred by violence and instability. RSN acknowledges the urgency of addressing this issue to ensure the safety and well-being of those residing in these camps.

In the coming year, RSN commits to dedicating its resources, energy, and expertise to tackling at least one of the aforementioned issues. We recognize the weight of these challenges, but we also believe in the strength of our collective resolve.

Join us in our mission, as we embrace hope and commitment in the pursuit of a better tomorrow.

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