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Introducing RSN’s Certified Trainer Mohammad Ismail

Mohammad Ismail received a six months intensive trainings from RSN and has taken an initiative to educate Rohingya students.

Mohammad Ismail, during the training of RCBP (Photo file: RSN's RCBP 2023)

Mohammad Ismail receiving his certificate from RSN during the certificate awarding ceremony. (Photo file: RSN's RCBP 2023)

Mohammad Ismail was elected to lead the 2nd period of RCBP (Male Section) independently and he had led it demonstrating all his best leadership skills and abilities.

The 2nd period of RCBP is designed for the RSN certified trainers to take their own initiative and share their learning with the wider reach community.

To read more about his journey with his own words:

This is Mohammad Ismail. I am 23 years old and work as a humanitarian worker. In addition to my humanitarian work, I also work as a private school teacher and pursue photography in the camp. I have finished 14 training courses as part of the RCBP program, where I'm a participant of RSN. These training session took place over the past six months, and here is a list of the courses I completed.

1.Professional Writing

2.Research Methodologies

3.Organizational Behavior

4.Civic Education


6.Women's Rights

7.Gender-Based Violences

8.History of Rohingya and Myanmar

9. International justice process for Rohingya

10.Effective Advocacy Training

11.Documenting Human Rights Violation

12.Leadership Skills

13.Project Management

In my opinion, I have learned a lot more than I expected through the RCBP program. It has not only improved my skills but also changed my career path.

To be honest, I had little knowledge about professional writing and its specifics before. However, after received professional writing training, I now have a complete understanding of it. I used to hear the term "research methodologies" but I didn't know what it entailed or its purpose. After proper training, I have no doubts about it.

I also had no prior knowledge of project management but through the training, I have learned how to design a project proposal and set objectives. Now, I can confidently create a standard project proposal without any hesitation. The best aspects of RCBP that I appreciate are in below;

1. Team management and the operating system are excellent.

2. Everyone understands each other, and we have a great team working together.

3. I'm truly grateful for the trainers who have been proactive and talented individuals.

4. My dream is to become a great leader and protect our community from various dangers. I aspire to unite our community, turning division into unity.

I wish to create a project proposal independently, focusing on a vital objective. I aim to launch this project within our community so that we can enhance our community's proactive nature. Additionally, we can achieve our goals with our own support, without relying on external help.

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