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Introducing RSN’s Certified Trainer Sayedul Karim

Meet Sayedul Karim, a human rights defender, president of RJI, and a participant of RCBP (Rohingya’s Capacity Building Pilot).

Sayedul Karim received a six months intensive trainings from RSN and has taken different initiatives such as the RSPD to defend the rights of the community.

Sayedul Karim, during the training of RCBP (Photo file: RSN's RCBP 2023)

Sayedul Karim receiving his certificate from RSN during the certificate awarding ceremony. (Photo file: RSN's RCBP 2023)

Sayedul Karim also contributed as a trainer of Human Rights documentation during the 1st period of RCBP.

To read more about his journey with his own words:

I'm Sayedul Karim,24 years old. I am a Human Rights Defender and Advisor to RSN (Rohingya Student's Network) and President of RJI (Rohingya Justice Initiative).

I was fortunate to be able to participate in the 6 months long training programs organised by RSN (Rohingya Student Network) covering various relevant topics relating to the Rohingya Camps situations that includes Effective Advocacy, Gender Based Violence, Human Rights Documentation, Professional Writing, Research, Organizational Behaviour, Project Management, Human Rights, Leadership, Photo Journalism, Rohingya History, and Civic Education.

The participation in the training strengthens my level of understanding and information that capacitated me to work more efficiently and constructively towards social changes. I enjoyed the training period that helped me improve further.

My dream has always been to fight for Rohingya's Rights and I would reaffirm to continue my Fight for Rohingya's Rights till my last breath by all possible means.

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