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Introducing RSN’s Certified Trainer Toslima

Meet Toslima, a humanitarian worker and a participant of RCBP (Rohingya’s Capacity Building Pilot).

Toslima received a six months intensive trainings from RSN and planning to take her own initiative to empower Rohingya women.

Toslima, during the training of RCBP (Photo file: RSN's RCBP 2023)

Toslima received a training completion certificate from RSN.

Toslima facilitating a workshop as part of RSN RCBP's 2nd period. (Photo file: RSN's RCBP 2023-24)

The 2nd period of RCBP is designed for the trained individual like Toslima to take their own initiative and share their learning with the wider reach community.

To read more about her journey with her own words:

My name is Toslima and I am 21 years old. I have completed matriculation in 2016. I was forced to flee to Bangladesh to escape from Genocide of military in 2017 with my family. I have worked as a community health worker in Bangladesh for around five years. My profession is Community Health Worker (CHW) . Currently, I am dedicated to providing aid to the vulnerable Rohingya community.

In RCBP program, I have received many training as below.

1. Leadership skills

2. Professional writings

3. Research methodology

4. Effective Advocacy

5. Introduction Human Rights

6. Human Rights of Documentation

7. Project Management

8. Organizational Behaviours

9. Civil Education

10. History of rohingya

11. Photos Journalism

12. International Justice Mechanism

13. Gander based violence

14. Women’s Right

I have learned unexpected topics and knowledge. Among them 4 topics are mostly applicable in my life. Those are Professional writing, Humans Rights, leadership skills and Project management.

1. Through project activity, I have learned how to write a report, case study, rohingya story, etc.. professionally.

2. Through training about Humans Rights, , I learned what is women’s right, and how to female have right to opportunity.

3. Project management, Through project activity, I learned what vision and Missions are and how to set up objectives and how to write project proposal.

4. Through the training about leadership skills, I know how to lead a team and how to handle challenges and how to allocate time for the particular object.

My dream is to help our women like RSN. After learning from RCBP, I would like to train up the female Youth like me. And it a great expectations for me to develop Youth knowledge and skills about life. And how to brings them from critical situation to safe situation providing them my experience.

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