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Introducing RSN’s Certified Trainer Sabekun Naher

Meet Sabekun Naher, a humanitarian worker, motivational speaker, and a participant of RCBP (Rohingya’s Capacity Building Pilot).

Sabekun Naher received a six months intensive trainings from RSN and has taken her own initiative to empower Rohingya women.

Sabekun Naher, during a group discussion of the training of RCBP (Photo file: RSN's RCBP 2023)

Sabekun Naher receiving her certificate from RSN during the certificate awarding ceremony. (Photo file: RSN's RCBP 2023)

Sabekun Naher a workshop as part of RSN RCBP's 2nd period. (Photo file: RSN's RCBP 2023-24)

The 2nd period of RCBP is designed for the trained individual like Roslima to take their own initiative and share their learning with the wider reach community.

To read more about her journey with her own words:

I am Sabekun Naher, I used to work with different NGO agencies in the Camp, I’m a motivational speaker at the Rohingya Human Rights Network.

The Rohingya Capacity-Building Project (RCBP) aims to enhance the capabilities of members of the Rohingya Students Network (RSN) while promoting gender equality and political empowerment within the Rohingya community. The project's activities, scheduled from May to October 2023, include organizing capacity-building training for 15 permanent RSN members, with a focus on topics such as project management, leadership skills, research methodologies, professional writing, effective advocacy, human rights education, civic education, women's rights, gender-based violence, the history of Rohingya and Myanmar, international justice processes for Rohingya, journalism, and documenting human rights violations.

As an RCBP member, I have gained valuable knowledge and skill development. The most significant takeaways for me have been project management, leadership skills, research methodologies, and professional writing. While many organizations offer various training programs in the camp, RCBP's unique focus on professional writing and leadership skills has been transformative for me. These skills are pivotal in my role as a Rohingya activist, enabling me to effectively communicate our cause through writing.

Since my childhood, I have aspired to be a Rohingya activist and advocate for my community's international recognition. Witnessing my community's enduring human rights violations in Myanmar fueled my determination. My current dream is for our community to obtain reparations and the right to return to our motherland with full citizenship and dignity, in alignment with our community's wishes. Each morning on my way to work, I am reminded of the pain in my grandmothers' and grandfather's eyes as they long for our homeland. Learning through RCBP has empowered me to work towards realizing this dream and supporting my community.

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