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Introducing RSN’s Certified Trainer Mohammed Junaid

Meet Mohammed Junaid, a humanitarian worker, an artist, and a participant of RCBP (Rohingya’s Capacity Building Pilot).

Mohammed Junaid received a six months intensive trainings from RSN and is about to take an initiative that will serve as a showcase the talents of Rohingya youths, allowing their arts to communicate the situation of Rohingya to the world.

Mohammed Junaid, during the training of RCBP (Photo file: RSN's RCBP 2023)

Mohammed Junaid receiving his certificate from RSN during the certificate awarding ceremony. (Photo file: RSN's RCBP 2023)

Mohammed Junaid also contributed as a trainer of Civic Education during the 1st period of RCBP.

Mohammed Junaid facilitating a workshop as part of RSN RCBP's 2nd period. (Photo file: RSN's RCBP 2023-24)

The 2nd period of RCBP is designed for the trained individual like Mohammed Junaid to take their own initiative and share their learning with the wider reach community.

To read more about his journey with his own words:

I'm Mohammed Junaid 24 years old, a Humanitarian Actor and Role Model of Rohingya community. It's been over the five years I'm working with the Center for Peace and Justice, Brac University with the differences projects and different positions. Now I'm assigned there as a teaching Assistant of OSUN Half Bard college Professor through Brac University. Furthermore, I have been engaged with the Civil society organization and Community Based organizations such as Arkhan Rohingya Society For Peace And Human Rights (ARSPH) and Rohingya Youths Initiative (RYI) and Especially with the Rohingya Student Network.

I actively participated in the RCBP program, which spanned a duration of six months. Engaging in all the program's topics, I took on a specific role as a trainer for Civic Education, assuming the responsibility of imparting knowledge in this crucial area. The training encompassed a diverse range of subjects. All the topic were mentioned below which were given trained us by the credentials trainer and experts. They are Professional Writing, Human Rights Education, Research Methodologies, Women's Rights, Gender-Based Violence, the History of Rohingya and Myanmar, the International justice process for Rohingya, Journalism, Effective Advocacy Training, Documenting Human Rights Violation, Leadership Skills, and Project Management.

This immersive experience not only broadened my understanding of these vital topics but also allowed me to contribute actively as a trainer in Civic Education, fostering a deeper connection to the program's objectives.

Being a trainer for Civic Education in the RCBP program, I gained profound insights into the subject, learning extensively to deliver flexible and clear training to participants. This experience not only enhanced my understanding of Civic Education but also empowered me to play a leadership role within my community. Through the diverse training topics, I underwent a transformative journey, evolving into a youth leader with newfound confidence. This program instilled in me the motivation to actively contribute to my community, advocating for peace, justice, and against human rights violations. The empowerment I gained through RCBP significantly strengthened my capacity to bring positive change to my community, reflecting a notable shift in my personal and leadership development.

Before the RCBP training, my dream primarily revolved around thinking and providing support for my family. The program has ignited a transformative shift in my aspirations. Now, my dream is to actively contribute to my community and play a role in advocating for justice and peace on an international scale. Fueled by the knowledge and skills acquired during the program, I envision establishing a platform in collaboration with Rohingya artists. This platform will serve as a showcase for their talents, allowing their art to communicate the Rohingya situation to the world. Through this creative avenue, I aim to contribute to a broader understanding of the challenges faced by my community and work towards fostering justice, peace, and positive change.

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