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Introducing RSN’s Certified Trainer Sawyedul Amin

Meet Sawyedul Amin, teacher of a NGO’s LC, poet, and a participant of RCBP (Rohingya’s Capacity Building Pilot).

Sawyedul Amin received a six months intensive trainings from RSN and has taken an initiative called RIN to empower the community (Photo file: RSN's RCBP 2023)

Sawyedul Amin, during the training of RCBP (Photo file: RSN's RCBP 2023)

Sawyedul Amin receiving his certificate from RSN during the certificate awarding ceremony. (Photo file: RSN's RCBP 2023)

To read more about his journey with his own words:

My name is Sawyedul Amin, also known as Pro Sawyedul Amin, a Rohingya student and a budding poet. I am the founder of “Rohingya Inspiration Network (RIN), an organization that aims on inspiring the Rohingya community through education, skills building, nurturing creativities, essential knowledge and fostering unity and advocating for a resilient path towards a prosperous, inclusive, liberty, bright future of upcoming generation. I am also teaching education to Rohingya children as my professional under NGOs. I am a trainee in several online courses and in more community based organizations like Rohingya Students Network (RSN). I am also on the way to completing "Bachelor of Computer Science", at "Yesbud University" because my major intention in my life is to study higher and graduate with an engineering degree from any university. I am a published author of two poetry books, named “Lyrical Creativity of The Heart”, an omnibus of emotional and sentimental poems, and "The Untold Memoirs of Arakan", florilegium of Exhilarating, Emotional, and Engaging poems.

I am honored for being a participant in the Rohingya Capacity Building Pilot (RCBP) organized by Rohingya Student Network (RSN), a program dedicated to empowering the Rohingya community and advocating for positive change. Over the span of six months, this program has afforded me the privilege of comprehensive training, fostering self-reliance and equipping me with skills crucial for effecting meaningful transformations within our community.

The diverse array of training modules covered during the six months included Professional Writing, Research Methodology, Photo Journalism, Human Rights, Effective Advocacy, Leadership Skills, Civic Education, Project Management, Organizational Behaviors, History of Rohingya and Myanmar, International Justice Mechanisms, Documenting Human Rights and Violations, Gender-Based Violence, and Women's Rights. This skill-building training has provided me with a well-rounded skill set and a profound understanding of pivotal areas integral to community development and empowerment.

Armed with this knowledge, I am poised to apply these skills towards the positive development of Rohingya community. The experience gained through RCBP has been transformative and I am enthusiastic about utilizing my acquired expertise for the betterment of the Rohingya community.

I have acquired a diverse skill set through the extensive training provided by RCBP, focusing on civic education and the meticulous documentation of human rights and violations. This training has sharpened my decision-making prowess, equipped me with a nuanced understanding of diverse documentation methods and instilled a deep comprehension of the purposes behind human rights documentation. I am well-versed in adhering to documentation guidelines and principles, ensuring accuracy and integrity in the pursuit of upholding human rights standards.

The invaluable aspects of the RCBP training on Research Methodology and Photo Journalism, include learning to conduct research using the scientific method. This encompasses defining research questions, conducting thorough literature reviews, designing effective research methodologies, and utilizing tools like Sai Hup for accessing research papers. Additionally, the training covered the intricacies of journalism, incorporating photography and videography techniques.

The training in RCBP has significantly transformed me in several impactful ways. Firstly, it has honed my professional writing skills, enabling me to articulate thoughts effectively in any context. Secondly, I've gained proficiency in harnessing AI, particularly ChatGPT, for diverse applications. Lastly, I've acquired the ability to strategically plan, design, and manage projects within an organizational framework, aligning them with a defined mission.

Fueled by a profound aspiration, my dream has always been to catalyze positive change within the Rohingya community. Motivated by empathy and a sense of social responsibility, I envision leveraging education, empowerment and advocacy to uplift the lives of the Rohingya people. Through collaborative efforts and a commitment to human rights, I aspire to contribute to the creation of a more inclusive and equitable future for this resilient community, fostering hope and opportunities for generations to come.

My current aim is to inspire the Rohingya community through education, skills building, nurturing creativity and fostering unity is a noble pursuit and to advocate for a resilient path towards a prosperous, inclusive and liberty-filled future of upcoming generation. Through our organization, Rohingya Inspiration Network - RIN, I am providing essential knowledge and contributing to the foundation of a brighter future and emphasizing the importance of education and skills for the well-being and advancement of the Rohingya community.

I'm passionate about uplifting the Rohingya community by applying the knowledge gained at RCBP. My goal is to initiate and lead diverse empowerment programs tailored to their specific needs through our organization, I also want to register as a professional our organization, Rohingya Inspiration Network - RIN.

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