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Our founder's journey with UoPeople: Breaking barriers and pursuing dreams

This is the second edition of the journey of Maung Sawyeddollah, our founder with UoPeople. Please read below in his own words.

My name is Maung Sawyeddollah, and I am a Rohingya from Myanmar. Currently, I am living in a refugee camp in Bangladesh. The Rohingya people have faced immense hardship and persecution, and one of the many challenges we face is a lack of access to higher education. In both Myanmar and Bangladesh, higher education is banned for the Rohingya community, leaving us with few options for pursuing our dreams and aspirations.

  1. My plea for education, published on a magazine, Frontier Myanmar

Human Rights Watch featured My Call for Education in one of their Report.

Despite the lack of opportunities, I remained determined to further my education. I reached out to various officials and international communities, but none of them could help me. Then, one day, I came across the University of the People on Facebook. I was intrigued and decided to learn more about it. After researching and feeling confident about the program, I applied with hope, knowing that it could be my chance to continue my education.

I thought my chances of getting admission to UoPeople were slim due to my status as a Rohingya and the financial requirements. However, I was pleasantly surprised when my application fee and scholarship were granted after explaining my situation to my admission advisor. It was a huge relief, and I started studying for a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration on September 1st, 2021. I am expected to graduate in 2025.

But my journey does not end here. In fact, my experience at the University of the People has opened many doors for me. I am now an official ambassador at UoPeople, helping to encourage other Rohingya students and students from around the world to pursue their education at the university. Through my work, I have had the opportunity to organize and host webinars and create videos that share my experience at UoPeople and encourage others to join the community.

Ambassador Recognition Certificate received from UoPeople

One of the events I organized was an online webinar where I shared about UoPeople and how it can provide opportunities for those who are seeking higher education. Through this webinar, I was able to reach many people and share the incredible work that UoPeople is doing to provide access to higher education for everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances. I am honored to have had the opportunity to share my story and inspire others to pursue their dreams. It was a great experience, and I am grateful for the support from my fellow UoPeople students who helped make it a success.

Recording of Webinar: Higher Education and UoPeople

In addition to the webinar, I have also had the opportunity to create a video with other students at UoPeople to encourage more students to join the university. This video highlights the supportive community and quality education that UoPeople provides and features testimonials from other students who have benefitted from the university’s programs.

I created this video with the help of some students of UoPeople

Furthermore, I had the privilege of interviewing President Shai Reshef of UoPeople, a truly inspiring leader who has dedicated his life to making higher education accessible to all. It was an honor to talk to him about UoPeople’s mission and how it can make education accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or financial status.

Interviewing President Shai Reshef

I also shared many Facebook post where I wrote to encourage my fellow Rohingya friends to pursue higher education through UoPeople. I believe education is the key to a better future, and UoPeople is a program that can provide opportunities for those who need it the most.

My Video: Sharing thanks to University of the People

As I continue on my journey at the University of the People, I remain grateful for the opportunities that have been provided to me. I am proud to be a part of a community that is dedicated to making higher education accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances. I look forward to continuing my work as a student ambassador and helping more students around the world achieve their dreams.

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